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Mindful Birth Class 

The Dream Birth Company, a mindfulness company focused on pregnancy and birth.

  • 1 Hour taster session

  • Audio content included 

  • Free access to our Facebook Community with other Dream Parents.

From 20 Weeks - 39 weeks Pregnant

Learn the tools you need to experience the Dream Birth you always wanted. Join our unique mindfulness preparation course during your pregnancy, so that you and your birth partner have the tools to remain calm, centred, and enjoy your birth experience.


The Teacher

Clodagh is a London based Mama who offers a range of packages including bespoke one on one coaching from the comfort of your own home ; as well as, affordable online coaching. Her course is designed for both parents; teaching each of you what to focus on and guiding you through your responsibilities, ensuring that you are both fully prepared.

Clodagh is a qualified nurse with experience in paediatrics and midwifery who is also trained as hypnobirthing teacher by KGH. 


The Benefits

  • Beyond pain management, expectant mothers will benefit from the core principles of mindfulness – acceptance, letting go and trusting – which can help them to prepare for whatever path their birth takes them.
  • Cultivating the skill of awareness during pregnancy – which is the ability to notice thoughts and feelings as they arise – also allows expectant mothers to observe any fearful stories that the mind may be creating about birth from a more objective standpoint, and therefore identify with them less, which can help to reduce overall stress and anxiety.


What to expect?

The Dream Birth Company is an informative and engaging class for parents to be. You can choose to have sessions taught over skype or from your home.


What to bring?

Wear comfortable clothes to your session as some sessions include mindful walking, pregnancy yoga and other gentle exercises. Bring a notebook to take notes if you wish.



At clients house, London

Via Skype 


Customer Reviews

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Highly recommend!!

Such a wonderful service. We both learnt so much and felt so much more relaxed and mentally prepared for the birth. We had our dream baby born in April and he is super chilled too :)