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Thursdays 10:30am - 11:30pm



Mum & Baby Ballet (Babies up to 2 year)

Our ballet classes will not only support you physically, but mentally. Every class carries a theme – such as ‘Flexibility’ or ‘Balance’ – and we explore what this theme means for your body and mind.

As you dance, you’ll also be creating a deep bond with your baby, whether she’s waiting to be born or worn in a sling. During pregnancy, her senses start to develop very early on, and at 14 weeks she can already hear. Once she arrives, she’ll find the gentle movements and classical music of Barre & Baby soothing and relaxing. 

In the Mum&Baby Ballet classes we dedicate some ballet time to your baby, either resting on your lap or laying on a pillow, while the class sings nursery rhymes. During the toning exercises at the barre, you’ll wear your baby in a sling or wrap.


The Teacher

Elisa is the creator of Barre&Baby. Born and educated in Italy, Elisa has over 15 years of ballet and contemporary dance experience and over 5 years of antenatal and postnatal ballet teaching experience. She also trained as a baby-wearing peer supporter.

I encourage mamas-to-be to start Barre & Baby from week 12 of their pregnancy. New mamas are welcome to join when their babies are six weeks old.


The Benefits

  • Correct body posture, strengthening and protecting the spine as the body adjusts to the increasing weight being carried, in the womb or in your arms after the baby arrives, reducing back strain.
  • Improved physical health, supporting you throughout pregnancy, preparing your body for a healthier labour and early motherhood.
  • More flexible body, needed to adjust to the constant changes happening inside you.


What to expect?

Each class usually begins with warming-up exercises on the floor or at the barre, followed by intensive toning and strengthening exercises at the barre or centre, before finishing with stretching and relaxation exercises.


What to bring?

Please wear whatever makes you feel comfortable! Anything that allows you to move easily is fine. Ballet shoes are welcome if you have them but bare feet work just as well.

If you’re coming to a Mum&Baby Ballet class, your baby should also be in comfortable, soft clothes that allow her to move and kick happily.

Bring a sling that offers a tummy-to-tummy or back-hold. (I don’t recommend cradle-hold or forward-facing slings for this class.) If you’re not sure which carrier is right for you and your baby, try visiting your nearest Sling Library. I have extra carriers I’m happy to lend, but please get in touch before the class to reserve one.



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