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Stress during pregnancy...Try this.


Pregnancy is a time of immense change, both physically and mentally. A million thoughts and questions are filling your mind, excitement, worry, and even doubt can be a passing thought. Adding to all that, being pregnant during a global pandemic, I can only imagine how stressed you must be.

Practicing positivity and calmness is more important than ever, even without the added fear right now, finding your feet during pregnancy is hard, really hard - Damn hormones driving my crazy :/

I was never a fan of yoga or meditation until I became pregnant, I didn't understand how sitting on the floor with my legs crossed would relieve my stress. During pregnancy. If like me you were worried about taking antidepressants for fear of harming your little one; a 2012 study conducted by the action class (i say she bought me, rather she dragged me haha). It took me a while to ease into it, but I left feeling amazing, literally, a new woman. I was hooked.

Practicing meditation helps you cope with the many demands on your body and mind, it also benefits your unborn baby in a variety of important ways.

1. Meditation Calms Pregnancy Stress

Pregnancy is a wonderful and magical time, excitement is pumping through your veins, name choices fill your mind and your body is growing beautifully. The side of pregnancy you don't often hear about... the intense anxiety, the stress, the uncontrollable fear. Although some level of stress is perfectly normal and to be expected, studies show extended periods of stress can have a negative impact on your unborn baby.

Cortisol (the main stress hormone) released over a long period triggers an inflammatory response that may result in low birth weight or early delivery. Stress during pregnancy can even have long-term effects on your child, leading to developmental problems and hyperactivity. Meditation is a proven method to reduce stress and you can be done anywhere, anytime.

2. Get Better Sleep During Pregnancy With Meditation

Having trouble sleeping? You are not alone! Even though this should be the time when you're getting an abundance, lord knows you won't be getting any sleep once the baby comes haha.

But unfortunately, pregnancy is all too often a time of insomnia and wakefulness, you're up all hours needing to pee 20 times, you cant find a comfortable position to sleep in with the bump in the I sure I'm not asleep and having a nightmare?!?.

Studies show practicing meditation, especially in the second-trimester, improved sleep for pregnant women.

You know the saying, a happy mama is a mama well slept ;).

3. Prenatal Meditation Reduces Depression Risk

Not a word I wanted to hear when I found out I was expecting, depression. I'm sorry to say it needs to be talked about as it affects up to one in five women during pregnancy. If like me you was worried about taking antidepressants for fear of harming your little one; a 2012 study conducted by the University of Michigan proved that meditation can help reduce symptoms in women who were at high risk of depression.

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