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Spring is here! How to get your kids excited for the outdoors

This year’s winter months felt endlessly long. At least that’s what everyone seems to agree upon. Now, the days are getting longer, everything turns green and colourful outside and everything feels a little lighter when winter finally fades to make space for spring.

Having spent a great amount of time indoors during the past months, it feels liberating to be able to go and explore what spring has to offer. There’s also a huge potential to turn the change of seasons into lots of fun activities for toddlers. Done are the days playing indoors and maybe watching one too many TV programs. Spring is a magical time and we have a few tips on how to get your kid excited about the outdoors and in tune with nature.

Spend time in your backyard or a park

Stop and listen for a little while to take note of the birds chirping. Tell your little one a story about the birds you see flying by, how they spent the winter in warmer climates before returning back home. There are fabulous children’s books about nature and its inhabitants and we absolutely love this one as a first introduction to the wonders awaiting outside.

Make flower crowns

Pick some flowers such as daisies to take home with you. Daisies are perfect for making little flower crowns with because of their thin and flexible stems. Make sure you pick the stems as long as possible to be able to weave them into a crown later on. Here’s a super easy guide to making the cutest daisy flower crown.

Explore your inner gardener

There are so many benefits of introducing children to gardening. If shown at an early age, kids develop a better understanding of what it means to care for a plant or how we can grow our own food, just to name a few. This also shows them where fresh food comes from and what real food looks like (which is always beneficial in today’s day and age).

Always wanted to get into gardening? Now’s your chance! You’d be surprised to see how happy kids are to get involved in gardening activities. Make a trip to your local nursery to pick out a few plants or buy a few seeds for plants you’d like to grow. Don’t have a garden? Tomatoes, capsicum, lettuce, beans, or carrots all grow in convenient planters that don’t take much space but give you all the benefits of home-growing food.

The best thing about spending more time outside is you’ll most likely learn alongside your little one as we so often get too busy to notice the little things the change of season brings about. Spending time outside, caring for plants or even getting a little more into gardening and creating a space outside has huge effects on our well-being, too.

Comment below and tell us about your favourite outdoor activities with toddlers.

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