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Racism and Children

Do you think your kids are too young to talk about race? Think again. The last few weeks have been eyeopening in so many ways and there seems to be something different about the protests occurring not only in the United States but here in Britain, too. We’ve been blind to the racial injustice that is happening around us every day and our voices need to remain loud on these issues.

Mums, children, and families are at the heart of our business and we have given the developments of the past weeks a lot of thought. It is unarguable that allowing kids to grow up with an open mind and open heart can prime us for a better, more equal future. But we as adults need to step it up and not only educate ourselves on the matter and question our own behavior but also discuss racism with our kids. And this isn’t something that should be postponed.

The time is now.

Research shows that children’s perceptions about race are formed early on and we were fascinated by the research out there illustrating this and have summarized a few key findings below:

It is up to us to use the resources available to educate ourselves and our families - it is up to us to stop shutting our eyes to racism. Every single one of us can make a difference here and support a more just future for generations to come.

Lastly, please have a look at some of the resources we have found helpful and hope you will appreciate, too:

  1. On Instagram: @theconsciouskid and @shiftingculture

  2. On books: A great guide by The New York Times plus a roundup of Black-owned bookshops in London you can shop at

  3. On donating and fundraisers: Black Lives Matter UK, Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, Stop Hate UK, Kids of Color

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