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Products for Mama’s we LOVE in 2020

All-natural, cruelty-free products are a big trend right now (finally) and it couldn’t be better for mamas and babies. There are tonnes of amazing products to choose from, but when it comes to our bodies we have to be selective. Check out our top 5 products for mamas we LOVE this year.

Mama Mio: The Tummy Rub Butter

First on our list has to be Mama Mio's Tummy Rub Butter. Mio Skincare is a beauty skincare brand that has a range of products for all the family but we are totally obsessed with their Mama Mio line which features a range of products for women at all stages of pregnancy.

Although we love all of their products, our true love is their Tummy Rub Butter Supersize.

Unlike other tummy rubs this product is nourishing, not sticky and soothes dry stretched tummies perfect for growing bellies (it's also great for stretch marks).

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RMS Beauty: Living Luminiser

Okay, Okay. This product may not be ‘specifically’ for pregnant mamas. However this product is completely and utterly pregnancy safe and all-natural, and still has that perfect highlight to enhance that pregnancy glow. It is coconut oil-based and Organic certified so feel free to sparkle in peace!

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Natural Birthing Co: Down Below Perineal Oil

Pregnancy and post-pregnancy come with its pro’s and its cons and let's face it, effects our bodies in every possible way. This Natural Birthing product is perfect for your rather intimate area during and post-pregnancy.

Most women often experience itchy irritated and tight skin on their perineum during and post-pregnancy, but Natural Birthing’s Down Below has found the answer!

This fragrance-free massage oil is designed by midwives in order to harmlessly add moisture and increase elasticity - preventing cutting or tearing during labour and encourages the healing process post labour.

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eym. baby candle

It's fair to say that the most important emotion’s during and post-pregnancy its tranquillity, serenity and calm. But, these feelings are not always attainable especially when you’re feeling stressed, anxious, uncomfortable and straight-up overwhelmed, which are also completely natural emotions to have when building a baby in your belly.

Sometimes, the best and only thing to do is lay in a hot tub of water and burn your favourite candle - however not all candles are baby or pregnancy-friendly. Luckily though, eym have created a beautifully elegant and soothing candle the eym baby candle. With scents containing sweet orange, chamomile and lavender essential oils, this candle is incredibly soothing and relaxing. And with a 50hour burn time, it is just about worth the premium price tag.

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Bloom and Blossom: Nip & Lip Soothing Balm

Breastfeeding is arguably the most painful part of childbirth, and feeding your little one countless times a day can be incredibly straining on your nipples. Complaints often include dry, chapped and sore nipples.

Bloom & Blossom has created a completely affordable soothing balm to protect and settle overworked nipples and is also great for thin skin areas such as dry lips. The balm is high in vitamin E and 100% natural so it won’t irritate your little one's lips nor your super sensitive nips.

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Pregnancy isn’t all about the baby and finding the right products for your ever-changing body can be overwhelming and frustrating. But - when you find the perfect products for you, you’ll feel the greatest sense of relief. Make sure you’re getting enough TLC and you’re thinking about mama as well as baby!

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