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Notes on Being a Big City Mum

Living in London sometimes feels like living inside a tourist attraction. Just last year, over 20 million visitors came to London to enjoy its immense offers around culture, entertainment, and shopping. It’s really no wonder London is so popular with tourists. Before living here, I was once a tourist in London myself. I would imagine how I’d ride the tube to my high-powered corporate job in the middle of the city and almost romanticised the idea of the work hard, play hard attitude of busy Londoners.

What I didn’t realise back then is that London is not just home to numerous successful businesses, London is also a city that is home to many families.

Being a mum in London has changed my perspective and my take on living here. It isn’t always easy and can feel overwhelming when you’re pushing a crying baby in a stroller down a busy road, while trying to walk your dog and doing groceries - all at the same time.

Now, I sometimes idealise the life of some of my friends who have families and live in smaller cities or towns. They drop their kids off at daycare by car in the morning, then conveniently drive off to work or to run errands at the big shopping centre. While they load their weeks worth of groceries in the trunk, I awkwardly squeeze it all in my grocery bag and anywhere the stroller allows.

From time to time I catch myself thinking how nice it would be to have to rely a little less on public transport or having to rent or borrow a car to indulge in some IKEA shopping.

But then, I remember that my daughter’s fantastic daycare is just around the corner from where we live, the grocery store is less than a five-minute walk away and my favourite coffee shop is just down the street. We might move eventually, but for now, we call London our home.

MumShape was founded for mums and mums-to-be. Let’s hear about their experience living in London with their little ones: 

Lisa - Founder of MumShape

I became a mum for the first time just last year. With no partner and family close by, life can be challenging but a local mama WhatsApp group and awesome neighbours and friends helped me start my journey successfully. I never thought I would be able to find such a great support network in a big city like London.  

Gea - Partner Gym Aquisition at MumShape 

It’s so easy to feel isolated as a new mum, but apps such as Mush and Peanut really helped me connect to other mums around me and I went from feeling isolated to feeling supported and not alone at all. I believe this is something that only works in big cities.

Another thing I love is how everything was available everywhere - Because if you’re out with your newborn in a buggy trying to run errands and nothing is within walking distance, then it was not accessible.

Being a working mum with a small baby at nursery requires military precision before drop off and after pick up; unless daddy is working late and my daughter and I do “girls night” and then we have whatever takeaway we fancy and no one has to cook! Only big cities will offer you countless delivery options straight to your door.   

Laura - Marketing Manager at MumShape 

Being a mum in a big city can feel a bit lonely especially when you can’t rely on your family to support you when need it. Most of my friends live further away and are super busy with their work-life balance or don’t have kids yet. I realised I needed to create my own network to support me and I’m so grateful to have found such an amazing community through which I have met so many amazing people sharing my situation. Once I started feeling the support of this new group of friends, my new life as a big city mum made sense quite quickly.   

Are you a mum in a big city as well? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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