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Rosie founded Mamawell to provide women with the education and insight into their bodies in the pre and postpartum period, and the benefits that exercise can bring, both for strength and energy.

After a global career in dance, choreography and teaching, Rosie moved into fitness whilst living in New York and trained at the prestigious Equinox Gym. When Rosie become a mother, she observed the lack of quality information regarding the changes to the body through pregnancy and labour and what this meant for exercise post-baby, and was inspired to help and educate women in this mentally and physically demanding time.

The Mamawell Method

Rosie connects with women through her classes, personal training and The MAMAWELL Method video workout that makes postnatal fitness accessible to all women who have become mothers. She is well known for her holistic and intelligent approach to training the body, and the needs of each woman. She writes extensively, speaks and sits on panels highlighting on the important for fitness for mental health, the benefits of being strong through your pregnancy and thereafter, and how to find balance and energy in our busy lives.

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It is the perfect postnatal fitness programme to get you moving at home - regaining strength and promoting energy with movements that have been carefully planned to be safe and beneficial for the postpartum body.


  • 8 full-length real-time workout videos

  • 1 slow flow

  • Loads of core and pelvic floor work

  • Advice whenever you need

Postnatal Bootcamp

MAMAWELL's signature bootcamp for mums and babies is energising and uplifting! Pelvic floor work, joint mobilisation and stabilisation will provide the base for the higher intensity circuits that follow. You will work  your whole body, improve your cardiovascular fitness and strengthen muscle tone. All levels of fitness welcome - sessions are adapted to suit the needs of the group.

You can book her classes here!

If you have any questions, get in contact with Rosie! .. she is lovely!

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