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How to shop for kid's shoes online

Oh, the joy of online shopping. Whether you love it or hate it, right now, it’s all we’ve got to feed our materialistic desires. Even before the nationwide shutdown, we were used to ordering anything online in multiple sizes, colors, and styles, feeling reassured that we’re not committing to anything, being able to just send it all back if it doesn’t suit us.

Times have changed though and that trip to the post office to drop off your discarded items doesn’t feel as comfortable anymore. So, doing your research before you place an order can save you that extra trip - especially during these times when you’d rather avoid having to queue in line.

What makes this time so challenging is to ensure our little ones are kept busy at home, have enough to eat in the fridge and clothes to wear when you do go outside. Clothes are easy, they can be washed. But what about shoes? Kids grow out of them so quickly, it’s hard to keep up and you might find yourself in need of a footwear update for your little one. Let us tell you that this isn’t something to put off. Your child’s footwear is extremely important for the development of their feet, so read on for the best tips on how to shop for children’s shoes online.

We’ve teamed up with Happy Little Soles this week to bring you the ultimate guide to ensuring you’re ordering the right size shoes for your little one. Now, if you’re thinking “I’ll just go and grab my measuring tape and get to work”, let’s pause for a second.

Did you know that at 6 months, a child’s foot is made up mostly of cartilage aka connective tissue, and is highly susceptible to deformity when wearing ill-fitted shoes?

At the age of 2, the bone structure of your kid’s feet is developing but there are still large gaps between the bones, so wearing well-fitting shoes will greatly impact this process and a lot of harm can be done to the development of your child’s feet if shoes aren’t fitting properly.

As adults, we do it all the time: Buying and wearing shoes that aren’t good for us. We don’t pay enough attention to what’s beneath the chic design, like a shoe fitted with a proper insole and often tend to choose style over comfort. Getting off to a good start, however, is absolutely vital for children and doesn’t have to be complicated. Luckily there are a lot of great options no matter what your budget is.

Our friends at Happy Little Soles have created a handy guide to getting the size right and are offering a great selection of kid’s shoes for all kinds of occasions. They also have an incredibly practical printable version to use when measuring your kid’s feet, so let’s get to work.

Happy measuring!

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