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Getting Outside: Lockdown Eased

One of the hardest things about isolation and lockdown is the fact that we can’t go out and enjoy the beautiful English summer - because let's face it, our summers are very short-lived. Despite this though, lockdown easing has been controversial to say the very least.

Some people love the idea of getting out there into the world, socialising with friends, hitting up the local pub, going out for brunch, staying at hotels and all the other things that used to just be normal to us. Others though, are absolutely terrified of a number of things, be it the increased crowds, catching the virus, passing it on, getting sick, or simply socialising again. All of this is mostly due to the lack of trust we tend to have for our governments' advice. Which is not surprising, since the numbers are still looking dangerous and as other countries are seeing a second wave, a second lockdown could be on the horizon. I, on the other hand, am somewhere in the middle, excited to get back out there but still very nervous about the virus, so, to combat these conflicting feelings, I have decided to stay strong in the middle, and get outside and enjoy the great outdoors my own way.

For most of us being lock inside our houses have been incredibly out of the ordinary and it's most likely had some sort of impact on our mental as well as our physical health. Whether we’re growing a little one, inside or outside of our tummies, or trying or thinking about trying, getting outdoors is really important, and for new mamas, or mamas to be, we want to stay as healthy as possible and keep our little ones healthy too, although getting outside at this time can be daunting now is a great time to start, one step at a time.

Here are 7 suggestions on how you can ease into getting outside, now lockdown has.

1. Long Walks

Whether you live in the countryside, inner-city, suburbs, mountains or even the desert, there’s always a place to walk, put on a podcast, play your favourite playlist, catch up with a friend and just walk. Walking is my favourite way to just catch up with myself, it helps me clear my mind, and organise my thoughts, I’ve made some of my most important decisions while on a walk! Plus it's a great way to encourage your little one to get outside and walk places instead of driving or taking public transport and it gets your heart beating a little faster with little impact, so why not!

2. Camping

You may be more of a hotel or Air BnB person BUT there are so many amazing reasons to go camping, whether you’re a nature lover or not there are a load of benefits to camping such as the fresh air, the decreased air and light pollution, increased activity and challenges, a good nights sleep and it’s a great reason to unplug from all the constant drama in the news and social media that we are being bombarded with on a daily basis, and you don't need to get outside if you are outside!

3. Glamping

If you like the idea of camping but LOVE the idea of being comfortable, I would recommend clamping for you and your family. You get all of the amazing benefits from camping but with a little more style. You won’t have to set up your own tent, there’s plenty of space, you’ll get a bed - or bed-like situation, there will likely be cooking equipment, and if you’re lucky, a hot tub. It’s camping, but just a little more glam, perfect for pregnant mamas.

4. Botanical Gardens

Summer is the perfect season to visit a botanical garden and there are absolutely loads of them around the UK, and now lockdown has eased many have opened. They’re great places to walk around in and look at all the beautiful plants and flowers and breath in that gorgeous summer pollen (remember to bring your antihistamines). Your little one is guaranteed to love all of the colours and shapes plus its a fabulous teaching experience.

5. Beach Day

Despite controversial at the moment, with all the circulating photos of overcrowded beaches and tonnes of litter and anti-social behaviour, heading to the beach could be great for your family. Just avoid the major tourist beaches like Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Brighton, it may be a good idea to go a little further out and enjoy some of the country's less known locations. Beaches are amazing places for babies, as they are exposed to tonnes of new senses, flavours, smells, textures and experiences, while is nearly impossible for them to get hurt.

6. Holiday Rentals

Now that lockdown has eased, people are being a little freer with their holiday homes and rentals and you are now able to stay in a home away from home. If camping or glamping really isn’t for you this is the next best thing. It’s less pressure than staying in a hotel because you have control of everything you bring into the home, and who comes in and out of your space. Because of all of the time we’ve spent in our own homes, it's just nice to have a change of scenery and get away for all of the family.

7. Take a Trip

Whether it’s a day trip, weekend trip, week trip, month trip, we can now travel! Technically you can go abroad, but if you’re like me and are still a little (a lot) apprehensive, there is an abundance of beautiful UK destinations that'll give you the joy and freedom that we need right now. Sometimes even a long drive or day out on your bike's can be satisfying. So get outside wherever it may be.

Now that lockdown has eased all the changes and decision making can be daunting, especially when you’re responsible for another life, or a number of lives, and you don’t particularly trust what you’re hearing or reading. This time can incredibly stressful for everyone, no matter your age or position, so It is crucial for us to remember what used to make us happy, and not forget about the little things that keep us and our families healthy and positive.

This year has been full of surprises, so why not try something new, get outside and enhance our new found freedom!

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