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Navigating social media can be challenging with so much information constantly flooding our screens, occupying our minds. With infinite choices for inspirational and motivational accounts to follow, we want to share a few of our absolute favorites with you today.

Follow these three powerful women for the right amount of healthy living inspiration, lots of true #mumlife moments and everything else in between that a city mum needs to know.

Madeleine Shaw

I’ve personally been following Madeleine for about three years now and have always found her account to be one of those down-to-earth and actually relatable ones. Madeleine is refreshingly honest about the challenges that come with being a working mum and her tips and tricks are easy to integrate into your own family day-to-day life.

She recently launched her own podcast and we’ve absolutely loved the first episode of it. Give it a listen here and follow her on Instagram @madeleineshaw. Her YouTube account is filled with lots of great tips on healthy living and is definitely worth your precious time, so hit subscribe.

Catarina of that_fitster

Strong, not skinny is Catarina’s motto and that is exactly what can be expected of her Instagram presence. Being a mum of three, trying to balance eating well and exercising, she is a true inspiration to all of us here at MumShape. We love that she never compromises delicious food and shows how easy it can be to eat a balanced diet.

Follow her on Instagram here and check out her blog.

Michelle Kennedy of Peanut

The founder of “the tinder for mums” @peanut, encourages us to meet as mamas and connect as women. We love this tagline because it really emphasizes on the fact that we all have this in common: We are mothers but we are also women living our lives, caring for our kids and families. She often reminds us to re-evaluate the impossible standards working mums are subjected to and tells us: Hey, it’s okay. We’re all in the same boat trying to strike that oh so precious balance.

If you aren’t on Peanut yet, make sure you download their app and start connecting to mums in your area.

Follow Michelle on Instagram here and download the Peanut app here.

Who are your favorite active mums that you look to for inspiration in your circle of friends, family or online? Let us know in the comments below!

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