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Bows or Bowties: Gender Reveal Party Ideas

In the last few years, gender reveal parties have been on the up and rise, with many celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Christina Milian, Jessica Alba, and Hilary Duff; influencers and social media users actively posting their babies gender reveals online. It is becoming a fun tradition to celebrate the gender reveal of your baby surrounded by loved ones and friends.

From the moment you find out you're pregnant, many women ponder over what gender they will be having. The excitement of what colour to paint the nursery, what clothes to buy, what names you like best. It is all a very exciting time. So when the big day comes at your second routine ultrasound scan, usually done around 18-21 weeks pregnant, you can finally start planning the big reveal.

This can be done in a few ways, parties where the parents know the gender of the baby and the surprise is for their loved ones. Parties where everyone except the parents knows the gender of the baby and lastly, Parities where only one person close to the parents know the gender and surprise both the parents and loved ones.

However you decide to go about the reveal of your baby’s gender, we have put together some of our favourite parties ideas, and uniques ways to make the reveal extra special.

The science experiment

Want to have a quirky, out of the ordinary gender reveal? How about hosting a science reveal party.

To prepare the experiment, fill a large beaker with warm water, place the uncoloured gender reveal fizz bomb into the beaker and wait for it to turn the water either pink or blue. For added drama and excitement, add dry ice crystals. To add to the theme of this idea, get your guest to dress up as scientists with lab coats and goggles.

Gender reveal cake

No party is complete without a cake, right? So what better than a gender reveal cake, containing blue or pink filling or coloured sweets.

The idea is that when you cut into the cake and remove the first slice, the colour representing the gender will finally be revealed.

Another option is to buy or bake cupcakes that reveal the gender with the first bite.

Balloon pop gender reveal

Along with the gender reveal cake, the balloon reveal is one of the most popular genders reveals ideas out there, favourited by celebrities such as Kate Hudson.

The idea is to fill an opaque black balloon with either pink or blue confetti; then when the parents pop the balloon, the flying confetti will reveal the gender.

The idea can be done with indoors or outside. Just be prepared for the cleanup!

Balloon box

This is a simple yet effective way to announce the gender of your little one. The idea is to pack blue or pink helium balloons into a giant box, as you open the lid, the balloons will float out to reveal your baby’s gender.

You can have your guest pop confetti at the same time you open the box lid to give that extra excitement and give them a role in this special moment.

Gender reveal piñata

A great idea the get everyone involved is the piñata reveal idea. You can either buy or make a piñata (many videos online on how to make one), fill it with blue or pink ribbons, confetti, balloons, and glitter. Then take turns between you and your guests to try and break it open, revealing the gender

This is a great idea if you already have children to get them involved and feel included in this special moment.

Smoke Cannon Reveal

Want to make your gender reveal spectacular? Look no further than the smoke cannon reveal. Imagine finding out the gender of your little one with gorgeous pink and blue coloured smoke clouds. This will make for gorgeous pictures to look back on.

Just remember to buy a non-toxic smoke cannon. You don't want everyone to be coughing when the moment arrives.

Gender reveal confetti cannon

Let everyone know the gender of your little one in a fun and memorable way with a gender reveal confetti cannon. Either you and your partner will let off the cannons, or provide each guest with a cannon and let them shower you with pink or blue confetti.

We at MumShape care about the environment so we would please ask you to buy biodegradable confetti.

Other fun ideas to add to your gender reveal party, to get your guests to cast their gender predictions on chalkboards, have dry ice pink and blue drinks, themed ideas and customers, coloured cupcakes, banners, fun party favours, and coloured sweet and savoury foods.

However you decide to celebrate the gender reveal of your little one, we know it will be one of the most exciting days of your life. Enjoy every moment.

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