Wednesdays 10am - Hermitage Riverside Memorial Park

For mums, dads & kids

Family Outdoor Fitness

Get ready for summer with our MumShape Summer Fit Sessions. 

For mums & dads. Bring your baby or toddler.

Pre- and Postnatal Outdoor Fitness

Session 60 min Strength Training for mums and dads

Schedule Wednesdays at 10am

Location  Hermitage Riverside Memorial Garden, Wapping

Teacher My name is Marvin Roberts and I’m currently a Personal Trainer situated at Fitness First. I’ve always trained and exercised throughout life but have been in the actual industry for the past eight years. 

Classes  What I intend to provide is an outdoor workout for parents so both Mums and Dads or anyone else where you can bring your child/children and workout without the additional cost of childcare. These sessions prenatal would work on mainly strengthening the pelvic floor area and toning arms etc and postnatal getting people back into shape. The sessions would cover the following;

• Cardiovascular Training
• Bodyweight Exercises 
• Padwork
• Plyometrics

All around whole body workouts so all areas of the body are targeted.

..or get your summer membership

£  25

Per Month


Includes 2 classes for 1 person. 

Get summer fit.  Cancel anytime.

£ 48

Per Month


Includes 4 classes for 1 person.

Shape your summer.  Cancel anytime.

£ 90

Per Month


Includes 8 classes for 2 people.

Bring your partner and workout together. Cancel anytime.

Shape it. Live it. Love it.


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Outdoor Fitness for mums & dads. Bring your baby.

Shape your summer!

Classes starting May 1st!

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