Meet our Guest Experts

Athlete Jonny Steele

Meet Jonny!

Jonny was a professional soccer player for over 20 years. As a MumShape Expert, he will share his expertise and knowledge. Being a father himself, he knows what kind of changes a women's body goes through physically and mentally.

He will not just give advice on fitness and wellbeing, but share professional advice on exercises to improve body posture and reduce muscle pain, help you to get the right nutrition and vitamins, and will even share his daily meditation routine with you.

Jonny also offers Private Sessions that can be booked here.

Women's Personal Trainer & Nutritionist Michelle Walsh

Meet Michelle!

Michelle studied Nutrition and Natural Therapies in Australia. After moving back to London, Michelle worked for London's leading Health stores and completed further studies in Fitness and Personal Training. Her personal direction took a u-turn in 2009 and continued until 2015 with numerous late miscarriages – which is where her interest turned to Women’s Health, in particular stress, fertility, and more functional approaches to exercise.


In other words, exercise and Nutrition to heal and repair. She continued her studies in Fertility and Pregnancy & Pre & Postnatal studies, with some of the leading UK Women’s Health Educators.


Michelle works with women looking for their superpowers, to make lifelong changes through exercise, food and mindset.


The goal to have more energy, balanced hormones, body confidence and discover those superpowers. Because lets be honest when we feel good about ourselves it spills in to all areas of our life and relationships.


And her story does have a happy ending. She is now a happy busy Mama of 2 beautiful preschoolers.

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