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Our Experts

Midwife Anna

Meet midwife Anna!

Anna is our qualified midwife, here to answer all your health questions regarding pregnancy, birth, baby, and motherhood.

She also shares her knowledge and expertise in her weekly Blog

Simply send her a message and share your concern.

Athlete Jonny Steele

Meet Jonny!

Jonny was a professional soccer player for over 20 years. As a MumShape Expert, he will share his expertise and knowledge. Being a father himself, he knows what kind of changes a women's body goes through physically and mentally.

He will not just give advice on fitness and wellbeing, but share professional advice on exercises to improve body posture and reduce muscle pain, help you to get the right nutrition and vitamins, and will even share his daily meditation routine with you.

Jonny also offers Private Sessions that can be booked here.

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