Traveling with kids

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Were you one of those people in awe of couples or solo travelers at the airport or train station, packed with lots of bags and a baby on their backs or in a stroller? Summer is (slowly) coming and the hotspots are going to be buzzing with families. Whether you’re taking your kid(s) on vacation for the first time or are a seasoned family travel expert, we’ve rounded up a couple of tips on how to prep for a smooth ride.

Pack wisely

Let’s face it: when a trip is around the corner, we sometimes pack as if we’re going somewhere remote with not shops or access to basic necessities. Make sure you bring your must-have personal care items for yourself and your little one as the right products might be hard to find. If you’re used to a certain brand or have been using a specific brand for your child, it might be a good idea to bring exactly those items to lower the risk of getting an allergic reaction to unfamiliar ingredients. On the other hand, most places will have just as many choices as we're used to, so don’t panic if you do forget something.

Time it well

Hate waking up early? You might want to rethink that when it comes to choosing a convenient flight time. The upside of taking an early flight? Not only you will be tired but your kids as well, so chances are they’re going to be knocked out during the flight.

Also, early flights are less likely to be delayed or overbooked, so you may even have more space and it generally feels more relaxing if the plane isn't booked to very last seat. 

Get yourself and the kids ready for changing temperatures

If you’re traveling during summertime, chances are you’d love to just wear your swimsuit and flip flops on the plane right away. Make sure you wear layers and apply the same principle to your children as well. It tends to be cold and dry up in the air and you’ll want to have a scarf or a warming sweater handy, especially if you’re on a short flight and flying with a low-cost carrier where blankets or other amenities are non-existent. 

Use practical travel gear

This can make all the difference and can take so much stress out of your journey. Ensure your luggage is organized and you hold all important documents such as passports, flight tickets, itineraries or liquids close so you can easily grab them when needed. Also, going through security with kids is much less stressful if you have it all handy and don’t need to rummage around your bag.

Be that person who wipes all surfaces on the plane

If you’ve been one of those people who have secretly laughed at that notorious germophobe wiping down armrests or screens, think again. Studies have proven planes are some of the dirtiest places with touch screens, handles and everything else that is touched frequently to be the most filthy. Carry disinfectant wipes with you to minimize the odds of you or your kids to catch something that could interfere with your holiday plans.

What are your best tips for traveling with children?

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