Week 5 - Guilty but not Guilty

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Guilty but not Guilty 


Lisa Franke Mumshape

Lisa, MumShape Founder
The single parent to baby Mila, part-time dog mama and start-up founder takes us on her 6 week experiment trying to reduce stress, work out regularly and improve her diet.  

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Guys, so sorry for being quiet for a few weeks! Life has been crazy and I could just not hold up with all my tasks. 

And since I wrote so much about taking breaks and breathing in and not getting stressed and how to set priorities being mothers - I just had to live that for a little while. Which doesn't mean that there is no progress - it is actually the opposite. We have so many exciting projects in the pipeline for you :)

While I spent the past few weeks running around, managing the business, motherhood, health, and fitness, I thought a lot about what is the right thing to do - in general. Do we have to carry the guilt we just feel as mamas around with us all the time? If I visualize my life with all its challenges, I would describe it as a steady ebb and flow, which means for a period of time, I will need to strongly focus on one thing, which automatically leads to less focus on any other areas. The last weeks were totally business oriented. We added amazing new team members, we grew our gym partners and our mama community. This ended up with me running from meeting to meeting, grabbing food on the way and cooking simple pasta with tomato sauce for dinner because there was just no time to prepare anything else. 

My daughter obviously loved it! But ough! .. how guilty did that make me feel! No veggies and only pasta for days. I guess as mothers we always try our best. But what is the best? 

Let me present some mama types: Stay-at-home, Working, Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding, Strict, Easy-going, Single, Married, With Siblings, An Only-Child,... etc


And I am sure all mamas live with some guilt. We all try to be the perfect mama while managing life, work, and relationships. Some evenings, I would lay in bed and review the day. Some nights, I feel guilty because my daughter spent all day at the nursery and I only saw her for one hour before bringing her to bed. Some evenings, I feel guilty because I had no time to prepare a healthy home-cooked dinner. Some nights I feel guilty because I am a single parent, and I am not able to give her the 'normal' life depicted on TV... the list goes on. Mamas feel guilty because they are back at work, or because they bottle-feed their kid, because they were impatient the day before,.. but no one is perfect!


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We all know that there is no right or wrong and I had to learn that I make certain decisions for which I will carry the responsibility. I am sure we all chose a path we think is the right one at the given time. And as mentioned in previous weeks, we shouldn't blame ourselves - or other mamas...

So today, I am finally able to sit in my favorite coffee shop and just focus on writing and gathering my thoughts. I have the feeling the big storm calmed down a bit and my waves start to be more steady again. Which hopefully means more time to cook home-made food with tons of veggies :)

But this also means more focus on my physical and mental health, more exercise again, more warm dinners for myself and less screen-time to not engage with my phone during the weekend and the precious time I spend with my child.

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I know, no need to feel guilty even though we all feel it sometimes. 
But I also know that I am a loving mother and how cool is it to share some lazy pizza - Netflix cheat days with your kid .. which can just not include healthy homemade food ;) 
Thanks for reading Mama. 
You are amazing. 
 xx Lisa



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