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I’m Anna and I’m the writing-midwife at MumShape. I love talking about birth, I love answering questions about midwifery, and I love telling stories. I like to question about what we know to wonder about what we really don’t know. I reckoned that my musings may do more good out, than in my own mind, so I decided to write.

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I am a registered midwife in Canada. Including my student years, I have had a taste of midwifery in Ottawa, Toronto, Preston (UK), Vancouver, Dawson Creek (rural BC), and flying in Medevac missions above the tree line along the Hudson's Bay in Nunavik. 

I now live in Munich, Germany, doing research, and study in the UK. I commute a lot.  

I am a midwife, and there is so much that I do not know: there are lots of things I do because my mentor did it this way, there are lots of phenomena I can only explain using my best logic, there are alternative approaches I feel to be better with my common sense and knowledge but have no supporting material for, and there are lots of protocols we follow that I question and would like to take a second look at. 

Needless to say, different people have different opinions. Different healthcare providers have different approaches to care. How we think affects the research we decide to do, and the ways we use and interpret research. The climate in Canada is one where there is much less research that is done and interpreted with a midwifery approach. 

Countless late nights of hearing insightful questions and critical suggestions raised by midwives too sleep-deprived to follow-through with their thought projects accumulated with my desire to find out more about what we are doing and why we do what we do, and pushed my side jump into healthcare research. 

Recently, I shifted from the role of a midwife to friend as a part of my friends' birth support teams. I found myself spilling with joy, thrilled with answering a conveyor belt of questions and offering my sleep-adequate self for labour support all around the world. This compelled me to write as a way to keep connected with the practical side of maternity care. 

I revel in uncovering and holding out the gem that is midwifery care the way I’ve lived it. When I tell others about midwifery, I see eyes light up and a look of surprise like when dropping through the last step atop of the staircase: revelation that what was believed to be there was a construction of the mind, and a mischaracterized reality. 

I feel I am in the right place when my enthusiasm washes over their skeptical uncertainty. Families slowly trust themselves and start to advocate for care with respect, patience, and communication . Women and men acknowledge their power over their own bodies and care; one they hold but have never explored, and inadvertently presumed to have never existed.

I write here, to unpack the imaginary last step on the staircase with good information, open communication, and lots of stories.

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