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Add your classes and manage all the available spots for each individual class.

These classes will become

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Receive a notification when

your class is booked, add

more class availability as you

wish or hide class availability

when you are away.


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Partner Benefits


We generate more visits and fill your unsold spots. Every

visit is paid. That’s less work 

and more revenue for you.


We will feature you in our weekly newsletters and on our social channels to connect you with new customers faster.


MumShape pays you at the end of each month. We will also provide a summary of booked classes through our platform.


Our communication and sales teams

will connect you to our members and

to our media & corporate contacts.

You can publish content for your

services on the MumShape Edit to

further, reach potential customers.


We will share user reviews, comments

and suggestions with you. Providing

you with feedback regarding user

behavior and preferred times, so that

you can schedule your classes more

efficiently to maximize bookings.

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