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After my daughter was born I felt the need to take care of my physical health again. I started looking for a local postnatal fitness class to which I could bring my little one. Search engines didn't show any classes nearby and only a 6-week restorative pilates class was advertised on my local mama WhatsApp group.

Everyone is aware of babies' changing routine, sleepless nights and tight schedule. But we are also all aware of the benefits of social interactions and a healthy body and mind. I started wondering how do other mums take care of their physical and mental health during pregnancy, birth, and motherhood? 

A survey with +200 local mums showed the following:

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50% of mums

never went to a prenatal fitness class.

45% of mums

want clearer workout guidelines what is allowed during and after pregnancy.

95% of mums

of mums want to workout more often.

Mums want

more baby-friendly classes and gyms with creche service.

45% of mums

say that classes have inconvenient timing with the baby's changing schedule.

75% of mums

didn't have a professional health check-up after giving birth.

32%of mums

don't work out since the baby is born.

92% of mums

want to work out more than once a week.

I started​ MumShape out of own need to provide mums a safe and trusted platform that gives them the accessibility and flexibility to local pre- and postnatal services.

Pregnancy itself is a life-changing experience. And of course, life doesn't slow down when the baby is born. You have to deal with many sleepless nights, sore nipples, back pain, and babies' first fever. Mums are tired, exhausted and often isolated. Our babies always come first.  What about mama? What about your emotional and physical well-being? How do others manage to wake up every morning motivated to be the best possible and most loving mama to their little ones?


Do you know that 80% of women are affected by pregnancy-related back pain* or other conditions, which can leave long-lasting impacts on their bodies? 35% of mums have a problem keeping a healthy diet and that the fitness level of the kid directly relates to how active and healthy mum is?


And mums don’t only experience the visible changes in their baby body; many face mental challenges such as constant exhaustion, difficulty bonding with their baby, and overwhelming anxiety. Up to 30% of mums suffer from postnatal depression* and up to 80% of new mums suffer social isolation* after giving birth.

We make physical and mental health easily accessible to every mum.

We are driven by the positive effects of a regular workout routine. According to The UK Chief Medical Officers Recommendations*, 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity is recommended every week.


Fitness, wellness, and community are known to be the foundation for a healthy mind and body after giving birth.

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