Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond.

Find your local experts, classes, and community. We guide you physically and mentally through pregnancy and motherhood with personalized content and advice from our health experts. 

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Find health
experts for mama & baby nearby

Treat yourself with a pregnancy massage, book your after-birth health check, or see a women's health physio expert.

All our partners are qualified experts.


Book local pre & postnatal fitness classes

Find all pre- and postnatal fitness classes near you. Pregnancy yoga, restorative pilates, mummy-baby cycling class, outdoor fitness with onsite childcare and much more.

All our partners are qualified experts.

Chat with 
independent  Midwives & Health Consultants 

Independent and qualified midwives are here to answer all your questions 

regarding pregnancy, birth, baby, and motherhood. 

Simply contact our qualified physiotherapists, dietitians, and counselor and share your concern. 

50% of mums

never went to a prenatal fitness class.

45% of mums

want clearer workout guidelines what is allowed during and after pregnancy.

Mums want

more baby-friendly classes and gyms with creche service.

75% of mums

didn't have a professional health check-up after giving birth.

95% of mums

of mums want to workout more often.

45% of mums

say that classes have inconvenient timing with the baby's changing schedule.

32%of mums

don't work out since the baby is born.

92% of mums

want to work out more than once a week.

We support mums on their physical
and mental health journeys throughout
pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.

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